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Nitrous Anti Spy is your single solution to preventing and protecting your personal computer from any malicious attack! With new highly advanced techniques of Trojan and spyware detection, along with the ability to sense malicious attacks on your computer, your computer is an impenetrable fortress of Internet solitude. Anti Spy also gives you the power to locate and remove spyware from your system!

Unlike our competition, we offer 24 hour technical support of our software directly from our website.† Our software can not only alert you of Spyware and other malicious software on your computer, it also removes it! Click here to compare our software to our competition.

Nitrous Anti Spy 2002 leaps another giant step forward from previous versions detecting over 270 spyware products, and over 2000 worms and trojans that can cause harm to your computer. With revisions in our software’s code we have certainly outdone ourselves this time! Aside from making our existing functions even better we’ve added many extremely powerful new features. Including the “Spyware Finder” which acts as an agent that searches through your computer for suspicious lines of code that could have the potential to monitor and record actions or sensitive information and post it online.

Nitrous Anti Spy also helps prevent hackers from spying and accessing your actions on your computer. Nitrous Anti Spy, unlike many run of the mill Anti-Spy applications comes pre-packaged with its own firewall! Our software also targets on a very common mistake of most virus and spyware scanners. Also, unlike our competitors we search by finding common features that are individually related to spy-ware programs and viruses, which gives us the ability to find sources and infections faster than any other! Nitrous Anti-Spy also has the ability to locate every dynamic link library (DLL), system task and thread process that are actively running on your machine. It also provides you with the full path and relationship information on what programs are currently using those files, thus giving you the power to disable any of those processes that could potentially harm your machine.

Your Anti-Virus software keeps your machine protected from all the nasty viruses that can cause serious harm to your files and computer. But what about your Internet safety, chat conversations even your identity! Nitrous Anti Spy protects your computer from hackers, spyware and Internet Trojans. Trojans such as “Sub Seven” – a program that allows someone access via the Internet to watch your every move and control your computer undercover, leaving you susceptible to even more attacks. Nitrous Anti Spy has been tested on machines with Norton Anti-Virus, Anti-Virus eXpert and Dr. Solomon’s Anti-Virus. These powerful anti-virus applications along with Nitrous Anti Spy can ensure you and your computers complete security.

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Operating System:
Windows 9x/Me


5 MB Disk Space
Pentium or AMD CPU 166Mhz and higher.
16 Megs of RAM
Internet Connection

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